An evaluation of the pcb pollution and the hudson river

Epa will not require general electric to dredge more pollution from hudson river epa officials have determined that the dredging of 28 million cubic yards of polluted mud has reduced pcb levels. Read chapter pcb pollution in the upper hudson river: the pervasive, widespread problem of contaminated marine sediments is an environmental issue of nati. 3 potential sources of contamination to the hudson river are described in further detail in usepa's data evaluation and interpretation report on the hudson river (volume 2c - february 1997), and table b2-2 in epa's 1991 hudson river pcb reassessment ri/fs identifies hazardous waste disposal sites near the upper hudson river.

Pcb mass currently present in the hudson river system while the final mass estimate that we while the final mass estimate that we arrive at seems plausible, there is a need for additional hard data on sedimentation rates and pcb. New york's own hudson river has been polluted by an estimated 13 million pounds of pcbs that were discharged into the river by general electric (ge) between 1947 and 1977 according to the united states environmental protection agency (epa), 200 miles of the river was contaminated, and is classified as one of the nation's largest superfund. Information for project-area residents from the nys department of health protecting public health during the hudson river pcb dredging project. Pcbs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in new york's hudson river as is the resulting pollution of the river there are multiple contaminants in the river as a result.

Hudson river tomcod evolved resistance to pcbs in the same way that a population of bacteria may evolve resistance to antibiotics over the course of a few hours and in the same way that a mammal species might evolve a camouflaged coat over the course of millennia: natural selection though the. Development and evaluation of consensus-based sediment effect concentrations for pcbs in the hudson river preparedfor: damage assessment center national oceanic and atmospheric administration. The specific goal of the remediation is to lower pcb levels in fish, which are the main source of exposure for people in hudson river communities. Atty gen eliot l spitzer sues general electric, first time new york state has taken company to court over pcb contamination of hudson river, in action that he hopes will open door to many similar.

Final lawsuit over ge's hudson river pcb pollution nearly settled halfmoon mulls $56 million settlement offer from general electric. The assessment will rely primarily on data from the phase 2 investigation contained in the database for the hudson river pcbs reassessment ri/fs in the following documents: the database report (us epa 1995a) the preliminary model calibration report (us epa 1996a) the data interpretation and evaluation report (us epa 1997d) and the. Pollution of the hudson river between 1947 and 1977, general electric polluted the hudson river by dispensing polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs), causing a range of harmful effects to wildlife and people who eat fish from the river or drink the water. Hudson river pcbs superfund site evaluation of water column pcb concentrations and as a result of pcb contamination in the hudson river, the new york state.

The evaluation of the lower hudson river will cover the area from albany to new york city conducted in the 1990s, the original assessment implied that polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) from ge plant sites had shifted downstream into the lower hudson river. Scientific review of changes resulting from the pcb superfund dredging operations in the upper hudson river for several decades, one of the most intractable environmental concerns affecting. Dec releases hudson river pcb action plan calling for dredging of 250,000 pounds of pcbs from the hudson, relocation to a dewatering/encapsulation facility at site 10, and continuing evaluation of treatment/ destruction technologies, to be accomplished by 1998. Hudson river pollution cleanup superund site unique use of silt barriers to contain pcb's dredge spoils treatment and oil spill containment boom.

Pollution & the hudson river the hudson has been an important transportation route since the arrival of europeans in pcbs, nutrient pollution, and mercury. Case: hudson river, trustees comments on the phase 1 evaluation reports for the hudson river pcb pollution: river trustees assess damage.

Hudson river ecology explore the evolution of resistance to pcbs in hudson river tomcod using popular media articles the highest levels of pcb pollution of. Fort edward, ny — ask matthew traver, the mayor of this village north of albany, his opinion of general electric and its two closed factories that spilled pcbs into the hudson river for. Fact sheet: hudson river pcbs superfund site cleanup and natural resource damage assessment and restoration the environmental protection agency and hudson river natural resource trustees work.

an evaluation of the pcb pollution and the hudson river Economic development on the upper hudson river has long been stifled by the dark cloud of toxic pollution communities cannot wait decades longer for a clean and usable river concerns regarding the efficacy of the epa approved remedy resulted in a separate analysis of pcb levels in the hudson river and the new york state department of.
An evaluation of the pcb pollution and the hudson river
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